Immigration effect in German job market

Immigration effect in the German job market

Immigrant Identity Guest Workers And New Wave Turk

Being a part of the professional community in a foreign country may be quite challenging. One of them is motivation, which may cause issues with integration and adaptability. Experienced difficulty based on motivation is hard to cover without the triggered identity. Social circle, professional circle ... They all influence the world we are experiencing.
Difficulties often result from an identity that has been triggered depending on contextual influences. Triggers can be born from varies of conflicts. All the friction that has been created by these conflicts open a space for a transformation. It is the individual who can turn this transformation to a success story. Of course, the external influences exist, but personal conflict level is the start point to a successful adaptation process.
Focusing on Turkish immigrants (also known as the "New Wave") in Berlin, we discover signs of identity in the history of Turkish people in post-World War II Berlin. These problems can be made beneficial with the help of the recommendations in this paper.